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Post by roygator14YT on Thu Aug 06, 2015 12:31 am

KillAuraPermanent Ban
AutoArmourPermanent Ban
FlyPermanent Ban
AimbotPermanent Ban
Criticals Permanent Ban
FastEat14 Day BanPermanent Ban
No KnockbackPermanent Ban
No SlowdownPermanent Ban
RegenPermanent Ban
SpeedPermanent Ban
Sneak14 Day BanPermanent Ban
SpiderPermanent Ban
AutoStepPermanent Ban
Illegal MacrosPermanent Ban
Water WalkingPermanent Ban
MiniMap7 day BanPermanent Ban
Damage Indicators7 day BanPermanent Ban
UHC Essentials7 day BanPermanent Ban
Increased Gamma7 day BanPermanent Ban
Increased FOV7 day BanPermanent Ban
Admitting to Hacking7 day Ban7 day banPermanent Ban
Trolling Name7 day banPermanent Ban
Inappropriate NamePermanent Ban[Appeal when Changed
Impersonation for ExploitingPermanent Ban
Impersonating Staff, or YouTubersPermanent Ban
Impersonation to harm reputationPermanent Ban
Spam KickMute 1 HourMute 3 hoursBan 1 day
CapsKickMute 1 HourMute 3 HoursBan 1 Day
Flooding ChatMute 1 hourMute 5 hoursMute 1 DayBan 2 days
Bypassing Chat FilterMute 5 hoursMute 1 dayMute 2 dayMute Permanent
Advertising[NonServers]KickMute 5 hoursMute 1 dayBan 1 day
Advertising[Servers]Ban 7 DayPermanent Ban
Balktalking StaffMute 5 hoursMute 1 dayMute 2 daysBan 1 day
Inappropriate SpamMute 12 hoursMute 2 daysMute 5 daysBan 5 days
Tricking, or Misleading to use CommandsKickMute 5 hoursMute 2 daysPermanent Mute
Inappropriate ChatMute 12 hoursMute 2 daysMute 5 daysBan 5 days
Starting RebllionsMute 7 daysBan 3 daysPermanent Ban
Revealing DisguisesKickMute 1 dayMute 5 daysMute 14 days
Malicious LinksMute 12 hoursPermanent Ban
Sexual or Perverted MessagesMute 7 daysBan 3 daysBan 7 daysMute Permanent
Impersenation of StaffMute 7 daysBan 14 daysPermanent Ban
Chat AbuseBan 7 daysPermanent Ban
Racism, Sexism, or HomophobiaBan 3 daysPermanent Mute
Offensive SkinPermanent Ban Until Changed
Block GlitchingKickBan 7 daysPermanent Ban
DDoS threatsBan 7 daysPermanent Ban
Spam BotsPermanent Ban
Sharing Personal Information of OthersKickMute 1 dayPermanent Mute
Threating Others SecurityMute 7 daysPermanent Ban


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